Thursday, January 14, 2010

Entertaining Fashion: The 50s

I was thinking the other day what exactly is the perfect hostess outfit. Surely it depends on the occasion and season. But for entertaining glamour nothing beats the 1950s, where men and women would get dressed up in style for just about any occasion. I'm loving the 50s resurgence in fashion at the moment influenced by the show Mad Men. Wouldn't you just once love to dress up for dinner at the neighbours?

Image 1: Vogue circa 1950
Image 2: The Mad Men Ladies
Image 3: The Mad Men cast
Image 4: A scene from Mad Men
Image 5: Jean Desses
Image 6: Pierre Balmain


  1. That vogue front cover is gorgeous xx

  2. Oh I would love to be in a 1950s dinner party. I'm a huge fan of Mad Men.